Fraud Intelligence

Fraud Intelligence

Fraud Intelligence

The rapid advances in digitalization have also made incidences of fraud more prevalent. Fraud has become pervasive across business domains and is challenging organizations to be more imaginative & proactive in tackling sophisticated and organized forms of fraud.

Our approach focuses on automation by combining traditional rule-based methods, application of AI techniques and network data science.

Our Capabilities

With a skilled talent pool in leading Fraud Intelligence technologies and Graph platforms, we have delivered Fraud Intelligence solutions for customers across geographies 

Fraud Detection & Investigation

Using hybrid detection techniques to identify, visualize and manage suspicious transactions.

Network Analysis

Use graph data science to identify collusion fraud based on entity relationships

Rule-based Fraud Detection

Automate the detection of suspicious events based on pre-defined business rules

Why Datacurate?

Digital Transformation

Industry Domain Expertise
Timely & Quality Delivery

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