Managed Services

Managed Services

Data Operations

We provide services for maintenance and support of data management systems, including ETL or information pipelines, data quality modules, master data management systems, metadata management systems such as data catalog and systems related to data governance.

We have a strong data management practice constituting standard processes, methodologies, accelerators and resources with skills across a range of OEM partner technologies.

Model Operations

Our services for maintenance and support of the analytics ecosystem cover existing analytical model performance monitoring and providing recommendations, model deployment to production, and facilitating API-based model consumption.

We have a strong pool of analytics experts across a range of OEM partner technologies.

Marketing Operations

We provide maintenance and support for marketing operations including campaign design, handholding campaign launch and execution, monitoring and tuning system parameters for efficient performance of the campaign environment, monitoring campaign performance and ROI and providing recommendations to campaign designers

We have a strong background in implementing marketing solutions successfully for large enterprises globally. 

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